Amstel BARBQ the ultimate gadget for men


CQ, creative and unique: independent or in combination with ideas of others. In collaboration with Amstel, CQ developed the Amstel BARBQ. This multifunctional design consists of a barbeque, an authentic wooden bar and a cooler (which fits exactly a crate of beer): all the essentials are covered!
Next to the special design the Amstel Bar BQ has convenience features: the Bar BQ is easy to clean, because of the separate tray for coal,. And easy to replace by the wheels at the bottom. With the Amstel Bar BQ you are definitely sure that you will make a good impression on your guests and that’s exactly the philosophy of CQ: to innovate, and surprise.
For the Netherlands 400 Amstel BarBQ's will be produced, also in cooperation with CQ. The production takes place in the Netherlands and in China.